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PROACTIVE joint exercise planning meeting in Belgium

On May 13th. PROACTIVE will be actively present in the third Joint Activity (or Exercise) in Ranst (Belgium), where an exercise is organised by Campus Vesta (as an active consortium partner of the eNOTICE project with which PROACTIVE has an agreement of cooperation).

In preparation of this exercise, the PROACTIVE and Campus Vesta Planning Teams engaged in a successful discussion on key elements of the management of the exercise at Campus Vesta’ s premises.

Between Monday the 27th and Tuesday the 28th of February, the PROACTIVE team had intensive meetings with the Belgian colleagues. Partners included Tony Godwin and Dominic Kelly from CBRNE Ltd. (PROACTIVE Exercise Planning Leader), Daniel Strömberg, Åsa Burlin and Per-Erik Johansson from Umeå University in Sweden (PROACTIVE Exercise Direction in Ranst), Dale Weston from UKHSA (PROACTIVE Evaluation Lead of all three exercises) and Danielle Carbon from DHPol in Germany (PROACTIVE Exercise Direction in the previous joint exercises).

The planning hosts of Campus Vesta, Including Pieter Van Turnhout (General Manager), Wendy Van den Branden (director), Ronald Ackermans (director) Maaike van de Vorst (eNOTICE project coordinator at Campus Vesta ) and Luc Calluy, organised key meetings with Civil Society Representatives to steer the recruitment of volunteers.

Both teams jointly visited the location where the exercise will take place.


PROACTIVE meeting at Campus Vesta/Ranst Ex

Project PROACTIVE 1st Ranst Exercise Planning Meeting and 14th Project Meeting in Barcelona

CBRNE Ltd (UK). and Umeå University (Sweden) successfully completed the 1st Field Exercise Planning Meeting to manage the third PROACTIVE/eNOTICE exercise in Ranst, Belgium to take place on the 13th May 2023. The meeting on January 10th in Barcelona took place prior to the 14th  PROACTIVE Progress Meeting on June 11th and 12th.

Project partner ETICAS (Spain) hosted the 14th Progress Meeting in their headquarters near Plaza España, Barcelona. On behalf of CBRNE, Dominic Kelly, Tony Godwin, Irina Marsh, Danielle Carbon, and Nigel Hale presented the recent activities of CBRNE’s Work packages. Updates were made on the management of the Practitioners Stakeholder Advisory Board, the planning process of the Ranst exercise, the final deliverable of the Rieti exercise in last November, and the upcoming Aide Memoire for enlisting vulnerable people in CBRNe exercises and trainings.

First impressions can be found on PROACTIVE’s LinkedIn profile.


Project PROACTIVE second field exercise in Rieti, Italy

CBRNE Ltd on Wednesday 16th November 2022 successfully completed the management of Project PROACTIVE’s second field exercise in Rieti, Italy in conjunction with the exercise host, Scuola Interforze per la Difesa NBC (Italian NBC School). The latter organisation is a partner of Horizon 2020 Project eNOTICE which provides venues for CBRNE exercises. Uniquely the exercise included 30 civilians including those with vulnerabilities. The Practioners included the Carabinieri, fire fighters, Italian Red Cross, practioners from the Sampling and Identification of Biological, Chemical, and Radiological Agents (SIBCRA) unit and the Italian army. The scenario surrounded the release of chlorine at an indoor train station. Italian Railway Employees immediately initiated evacuation measures, after which the Practitioners performed triage, sampling, detection and decontamination activities outside.

As the PROACTIVE exercise director of the Rieti exercise, CBRNE Ltd was the key point of contact with the NBC School ensuring each party’s tactical and strategic aims and objectives were mutually compatible and effective. CBRNE Ltd was also responsible for ensuring the Use Case Scenario played out by the hosts of the field exercise were applicable to the PROACTIVE evaluation criteria. The evaluation of the exercise was led by a team from the PROACTIVE partner UKHSA. Apart from the evaluators, 15 international PROACTIVE and eNOTICE observers from six different countries collected relevant observational data.


PROACTIVE and eNOTICE at NBC School following the post-exercise joint evaluation Workshop

PROACTIVE and eNOTICE at NBC School following the post-exercise joint evaluation Workshop


PROACTIVE installed various security measures of ethics, health and safety, data protection and dignity to protect the involved civilians. As part of this, CBRNE Ltd was responsible for managing the multiple processes which included detailed briefings of all parties, transportation arrangements, the video and photography team, catering company and most importantly the handling of the personal possessions of the civilian volunteers throughout the wet decontamination phase. With the help of the University of Rome, Save the Children (Italy), CARITAS and local Rieti inhabitants, CBRNE Ltd also managed the recruitment and registration of volunteers in advance, ensuring their safe attendance during the exercise and coordinating their feedback to UKHSA via focus groups at the end of the exercise.


The PROACTIVE core-planning team at the Exercise Area after the successful exercise (Tony Godwin, Andreas Arnold, Nigel Hale, Danielle Carbon, Dominic Kelly, Irina Marsh)

The PROACTIVE core-planning team at the Exercise Area after the successful exercise (Tony Godwin, Andreas Arnold, Nigel Hale, Danielle Carbon, Dominic Kelly, Irina Marsh)


Photographs and video content will be released soon. The evaluation and observational data can be found in the upcoming PROACTIVE Deliverable D6.4 which will be available on the project’s webpage ( If you are interested in the previous exercise in Dortmund, please check out Deliverable D6.3 and the videos (


Project PROACTIVE at the NEEDS Conference in Cophenhagen

On Wednesday 2nd November Dominic Kelly, Managing Director of CBRNE Ltd represented EU Horizon 2020 Project PROACTIVE at the NEEDS Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The title of his presentation which was given on behalf of Åsa Burlin from European CBRNE Center UMEA University was: “Involving Vulnerable Groups in CBRNe incident training – Ethical Considerations and Risks Worth Taking”

Alongside him giving presentations were Shya Uekusa from University of Canterbury who spoke on “Invisible vulnerability” Linguistically minoritized/marginalised people in disasters, emergencies and crises and Alexandra Olson from EENA – the European Emergency Number Association who spoke about “Towards more inclusive crisis communication” and lastly Kristi Nero from the University of Tartu who spoke about “Caring organisations role as intermediaries between the authorities and the marginalised in crisis communications”

The session was chaired by Tor-Olav Naevestad of The Institute of Transport Economics, Oslo, Norway.


Dominic Kelly representing Project PROACTIVE at the NEEDS conference 2nd Nov 2022

Project ULTIMATE Kick off Meeting 27th October 2022 at Thales Research and Technology in Paris

CBRNE Ltd took part, on Thursday 27th October 2022, in the Kick off Meeting of Project ULTIMATE (mULti-level Trustworthiness to IMprove the Adoption of hybrid arTificial  intelligence) at the headquarters of Thales Research and Technology in Palaiseau, Paris.  The project includes Robotnik Automation (ROB) (Spain), Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskolan (KTH) (Sweden), Laboratoire National de Metrologie et D’Essais (LNE) (France), Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation  (TEC) (Spain), Siec Badawcza Lukasiewicz – Przemyslowy Instytut Automatyki I Pomiarow (PIAP) (Poland), ITTI Sp Zoo (ITTI (Poland) and Thales Alenia Space Franc SAS (TAS) (France).

The ULTIMATE project will conduct research and innovation activities in the field of hybrid AI algorithm trained on data and model-based systems. The development of the algorithms will ease the adoption (trustworthiness) of hybrid AI for application in complex and industrial environments. The novelty of the project lies in the development of new methodologies for modelling physical limitations and constraints as experienced by humans. The project aims to improve the ability of AI algorithms to improve situational awareness and translate the signals to aid in the decision support system. Uniquely the project will demonstrate the hybrid AI algorithms in real-life environments under controlled settings to showcase the performance evaluation of the project outcomes.


The consortium partners of project ULTIMATE at the Kick off Meeting at Thales Research and Technology in Paris


PROACTIVE – Upcoming second joint field exercise in Rieti

On November 16 2022, PROACTIVE will deliver its second CBRNe exercise in Rieti, Italy.

The exercise is organised as a joint activity with the European research project eNOTICE (European Network of CBRN Training Centers) and its project partners Scuola Interforze per la Difesa NBC and University of Rome Tor Vergata.

As Work Package Lead for organising the three field exercises in PROACTIVE, CBRNE Ltd. is in the final hot planning phase which includes the recruitment of civilians with and without vulnerabilities.

We are already looking forward to learning lessons regarding the inclusion of vulnerable civilians in CBRNe training activities.

For a first glimpse of what will happen in Rieti, watch our video of the first decontamination exercise that took place in Dortmund earlier in 2022:

UKRI appoints CBRNE Ltd with a EU Horizon Europe Guarantee Scheme Monitoring Service Provider

CBRNE Ltd is pleased to announce UKRI has appointed a Monitoring Officer with reference to Project ULTIMATE (mUlti-Level Trustworthiness to IMprove the Adoption of hybrid arTificial intelligence) as part of the UK Government European Union Horizon Europe Guarantee Scheme.  The project started on 1st October and its Kick off Meeting is at the offices of the Coordinator Thales Research & Technology on 27th October in Paris.

PROACTIVE 3rd joint exercise planning meeting in Italy

CBRNE Ltd led a PROACTIVE planning team to Rieti arriving on Monday 3rd October and leaving on Thursday 6th October in advance of the Field Exercise to take place on November 16th.  The team consisted of Tony Godwin and Dominic Kelly from CBRNE Ltd. (Exercise Planning Lead for the Rieti exercise), Danielle Carbon and Andreas Arnold from DHPol [German Police University] (Exercise Planning Lead of previous Dortmund exercise), Åsa Burlin from Umeå University (Sweden) (Exercise Planning Lead of the upcoming 2023 Ranst, Netherlands exercise) and Dale Weston from UKHSA (Evaluation Lead of all three exercises).

Key events included meeting Major Giampaolo Santini and Marco Carosi from NBC Defence School and Daniele Di Giovanni and Grace Xerri from University Tor Vergata at the site of the proposed field exercise.

This was followed with Dominic Kelly and Francesco Graziani of Save the Children (Italy) having one to one meetings with CARITAS and CSV Lazio, being two charitable organisations based in Rieti to discuss the recruitment of volunteers.


Dominic Kelly with Paola Mariangeli (CSV) and Francesco Graziani (STC)


Whilst these meeting were going on the rest of the team visited the CARITAS shop in Rieti and purchased large amounts of second hand clothing to be used in the exercise.  This was left in storage for our return together with other logistical equipment.


The PROACTIVE planning team visiting the CARITAS Rieti to buy spare clothes for volunteers.



The DHPol team registered all procurements.

Procurements by DHPol


A hybrid PROACTIVE online meeting was held to discuss the ethical implications of the project with Irina Marsh from CBRNE Ltd. and Mariano Zamorano from ETICAS. As a special guest, Francesco Graziani from Save the Children (Italy) participated to discuss the recruitment of child volunteers.  This was followed by face to face meeting with Dr Daniele Di Giovanni, Grace Xerri and Prof. Piergianni Medaglia of CARIS Services for students with disabilities of SLD (Specific Learning Difficulties) and Francisco Graziani from Save the Children (Italy) to discuss the recruitment of volunteers for the exercise.


Dale Weston, Andreas Arnold, Tony Godwin, Grace Xerri, Danielle Carbon, Daniele di Giovani, Francesco Graziani and Dominic Kelly at University Rome Tor Vergata.

PROACTIVE Exercise planning team at UNITOV

Call for experts to join EU project Advisory Boards

CBRNE Ltd. currently manages the Advisory Boards of three European Horizon research projects in the field of CBRNE and of AI: PROACTIVE, ALIGNER and ULTIMATE.

Do you want to contribute to one of the projects with your expertise and exchange experiences with European stakeholders? Contact CBRNE Ltd. to get more information on the boards including the aims and objectives of the projects and how to become an Advisory Board member ( or

Project PROACTIVE Meeting in Warsaw

Warsaw meeting PROACTIVE

Project PROACTIVE held its 13th Progress Meeting on the 6th and 7th September in Warsaw, Poland at National Police Headquarters (NPH).  Dominic Kelly, Tony Godwin and Danielle Carbon attended on behalf of CBRNE Ltd.  Much time was spent planning for PROACTIVE’s second field exercise in Rieti (Italy) on 16th November.  CBRNE is leading the Work Package for all three field exercises. The exercises will benefit from the observations of the invited CBRNe experts that are part of the project’s Practitioner and Stakeholder Advisory Board (PSAB). In this regard, CBRNE Ltd. presented the current board structure and the ongoing recruitment and engagement strategy.


PROACTIVE Warsaw meeting

Project PROACTIVE update

Due to the pandemic we are awaiting agreement from the European Commission that the project is extended by 12 months as it has not been possible to carry out the Field Exercises so critical to our research on the interaction between Practitioners and members of the public (the ultimate end user).  The plan, subject to confirmation, is to have the first exercise in April 2022 in Dortmund (Germany), the second in October 2022 in Rieti (Italy) and the third in May 2023 in Ranst, (Belgium).

Project MAGNETO ends

Project MAGNETO ended on April 30th 2021 having successfully completed its mission for augmenting the capabilities of LEAs through a series of properly-designed, cutting-edge, data-oriented technologies and solutions to TRL6. These technologies, when fully developed to TRL9  will permit LEAs to consistently process massive heterogeneous data and find hidden -yet relevant- relationships within the datasets in a more efficient manner, effectively enabling their transformation into solid and court-proof evidence. The concept of MAGNETO was to develop a holistic approach for managing and exploiting diverse data driven by the needs of LEAs, whose close involvement provided unique, in-depth knowledge of their requirements. MAGNETO has started the process to create interoperable, scalable, modular, dynamically adaptable and highly intelligent systems, to better meet with the demanding LEAs’ operations.

CBRNE Ltd led Work Package 7 Training Package, assisted KUL WP lead for Legal and Ethics and created a new guideline entitled “Ethical Assessment regarding the use or misuse of AI systems for law enforcement” which will be available from our Product page shortly.

EU Commission platform for CBRNE Ltd’s guidelines and handbooks

CBRNE Ltd has been involved with H2020 Project ENCIRCLE which has been a four year project to strengthen the European industry and help create the tools and strategies needed to consolidate the EU CBRN communities of suppliers and practitioners in order to strengthen the field of CBRN safety, security and defence in the European Union. CBRNE Ltd has its guidelines in the catalogue.  Project ENCIRCLE is coming to an end but the catalogue remains available.  See this video for more information:

See our catalogues also at the “Product” link above.


CBRNE Ltd is pleased to advise that it has successfully registered with JOSCAR (the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) which is a collaborative tool used by the aerospace, defence and security industry to act as a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance information.

JOSCAR Certificate