Project PROACTIVE 1st Ranst Exercise Planning Meeting and 14th Project Meeting in Barcelona

CBRNE Ltd (UK). and Umeå University (Sweden) successfully completed the 1st Field Exercise Planning Meeting to manage the third PROACTIVE/eNOTICE exercise in Ranst, Belgium to take place on the 13th May 2023. The meeting on January 10th in Barcelona took place prior to the 14th  PROACTIVE Progress Meeting on June 11th and 12th.

Project partner ETICAS (Spain) hosted the 14th Progress Meeting in their headquarters near Plaza España, Barcelona. On behalf of CBRNE, Dominic Kelly, Tony Godwin, Irina Marsh, Danielle Carbon, and Nigel Hale presented the recent activities of CBRNE’s Work packages. Updates were made on the management of the Practitioners Stakeholder Advisory Board, the planning process of the Ranst exercise, the final deliverable of the Rieti exercise in last November, and the upcoming Aide Memoire for enlisting vulnerable people in CBRNe exercises and trainings.

First impressions can be found on PROACTIVE’s LinkedIn profile.