PROACTIVE – Upcoming second joint field exercise in Rieti

On November 16 2022, PROACTIVE will deliver its second CBRNe exercise in Rieti, Italy.

The exercise is organised as a joint activity with the European research project eNOTICE (European Network of CBRN Training Centers) and its project partners Scuola Interforze per la Difesa NBC and University of Rome Tor Vergata.

As Work Package Lead for organising the three field exercises in PROACTIVE, CBRNE Ltd. is in the final hot planning phase which includes the recruitment of civilians with and without vulnerabilities.

We are already looking forward to learning lessons regarding the inclusion of vulnerable civilians in CBRNe training activities.

For a first glimpse of what will happen in Rieti, watch our video of the first decontamination exercise that took place in Dortmund earlier in 2022: