On March 4th 2020 Dominic Kelly and Tony Godwin of CBRNE met with Dr Daniele Di Giovani of UNITOV, Dr Luca Rotondi of Emergenza Sordi, Federico Cellini, Flaminia Cordani both of Save the Children and Professor Piergianni Medaglia of Services for students with disabilities of SLD (CARIS) at the University of Rome. Major Giampaolo Santini of Stemma Scuola NBC joined us via teleconference due to his Covid-19 responsibilities which precluded his personal attendance. The meeting was held under difficult circumstances due to the challenges for travel and interaction, but produced many productive outcomes that ensured the collaborative plans for the Rieti field exercise remains on track.

The Progress Meeting:

1. Agreed the basic principles of the proposed field exercise

2. Agreed the date of the field exercise as Wednesday 28th October 2020 in the town of Rieti.

3. Agreed a scenario for the Field Exercise.

4. Discussed the recruitment of civilian volunteers.

5. Discussed the recruitment of children as part of the civilian volunteers.

6. The involvement of vulnerable people in the field exercise was discussed with general agreement as to how they can be involved in a proactive manner.

7. The methodology for language interpretation for non-Italian speakers.

8. Discussed the involvement of the media. The date of the next planning meeting was agreed for the 9th June 2020 in RIETI – subject of course to travel advice.