Project MAGNETO ends

Project MAGNETO ended on April 30th 2021 having successfully completed its mission for augmenting the capabilities of LEAs through a series of properly-designed, cutting-edge, data-oriented technologies and solutions to TRL6. These technologies, when fully developed to TRL9  will permit LEAs to consistently process massive heterogeneous data and find hidden -yet relevant- relationships within the datasets in a more efficient manner, effectively enabling their transformation into solid and court-proof evidence. The concept of MAGNETO was to develop a holistic approach for managing and exploiting diverse data driven by the needs of LEAs, whose close involvement provided unique, in-depth knowledge of their requirements. MAGNETO has started the process to create interoperable, scalable, modular, dynamically adaptable and highly intelligent systems, to better meet with the demanding LEAs’ operations.

CBRNE Ltd led Work Package 7 Training Package, assisted KUL WP lead for Legal and Ethics and created a new guideline entitled “Ethical Assessment regarding the use or misuse of AI systems for law enforcement” which will be available from our Product page shortly.